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Transformers Role-Play Community
United States
At the moment, almost all characters are still available!

Joining is easy. Just pick a character from any Transformers series and send us a Note with a short monologue from his/her point of view. Then, if your skills are up to par, we'll send you a note letting you know you're in!

Then, once you're in, just start up a new account with that character's name and jump in. Be sure to make a link back here so that people will know you're associated with us, and so that they can join in the fun, too!

Remember: You can take up to three characters total, and you may only have up to two from the same team (eg., Autobots, Decepticons, etc). This limit is there so that everyone will have a shot at a character they love!

Rules of Engagement
Once you're a member, remember to always post in-character. If you have something to say out of character, please put it in the appropriate tags.
Example: < sub > ((ooc: blahblahblah)) < / sub >

Battles/Duels are more than welcome, although a player cannot "die" and leave the game by force.
In fact, once we have enough members, we may stage independant character tournaments and perhaps entire wars between Autobots and Decepticons, so be ready!

All pairings are welcome provided that both parties are in full consent and you notify us so that we can add it to an upcoming journal listing pairings. Crossover pairings from one version to the next are risky, but if you can pull it off, we'll let it slide, provided it isn't "selfcest".

Also remember to respect your fellow roleplayers and people that come to interact with you.

Lastly, try to be on at least twice a week.

If you see a name not on the list, it merely means I haven't added them to the archive yet! After all, there are so many characetrs total, it's difficult to name every one. Plus, the list is constantly being updated, and new series will be added periodically.

To rectify the problem of missing Transformers, and to help me archive the names of every character, feel free to leave a comment or send a Note naming anyone I might've missed.

In Play

Transformers G1 (Original Series)

Megatron < Account to be created.

Transformers Animated



Available Characters

The list of remaining characters has been moved to this journal;…


:bulletred: September 24 * DrGaster
> Added the affiliates section.
> Added to the remaining character list. Listed all of the Beast Wars, Beast Wars II, Beast Machines, Armada, Energon, and Cybertron characters. And holy shit are there a lot!
> Wait-- I think I'm done. I am DONE! I'M DONE!!!!!!!!! :w00t!:

:bulletred: September 18 * DrGaster
> MegaMan-Atlas started up the club.
> We started to compile the character list. I did most of the organizing so please tell me if I miscategorized any of the characters.
> Bumblebee-G1, Bumblebee-Anim, Starscream-G1, :devcaptian-fanzone:, Lugnut-anim, and Sari-Sumdac added.


Q. How do I join?
A. See the section above.

Q. Why didn't you include Revenge of the Fallen?
A. That's the title of the 2009 movie. Why? Because it doesn't exist yet.

Q. Why didn't you include the Japanese shows?
A. I didn't include the ones that haven't been translated, simply because most people won't have seen them, and therefore won't roleplay with them. I apologize to the big fans.

Q. Why didn't you include Goldbug/Galvatron/etc. on your list?
A. This only applies to the rebuilt version of any given character within the same series. It would be far too confusing to have so many before/after versions of the same character, so we simply stuck with one version.

Q. But you did list a before/after character twice!
A. Oh? I was unaware. Please tell me so I can remove him or her.

Q. Why didn't you include comic characters?
A. We have enough characters just dealing with the shows. Adding the comic characters would create far too much clutter.

Q. Who is <name of character>?
A. Some character’s names aren’t mentioned in their respective series. If you don’t know who someone is, check the listing on Wikipedia.

Q. <name of character> has no personality/died/doesn't speak English, so they shouldn't be listed.
A. No personality? Give 'em one. Died? Bring 'em back. Doesn't speak English? Make 'em. These characters can be the most fun of all since you can go nuts with their personality.

Q. Do you accept OCs?
A. Sorry, no.

Q. Do you make my icon or do I?
A. You do. BUT remember, it has to be official art or a screenshot. You may not use fanart.

Q. Who runs this club?
A. Me ( DrGaster ) and MegaMan-Atlas. She's pretty much in charge and came up with the idea though. Even though I do all the work ;D


  • Listening to: Lion - Transformers
  • Watching: Transformers Animated

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